Learn More About Converting Equipment

With so much equipment available, it may sometimes be difficult to tell apart our converting equipment, but, with the help of the experts at JM Equipment, you can learn about everything through our easy-to-read equipment manuals. We have a manual for almost all our equipment, so you can find the right one for whichever machine you’re using. Each takes you through a step-by-step layout of the converting equipment and its functions. If any manual is confusing for any reason, reach out to us on our contact page and we’ll do our best to help explain it to you.

To view any particular manual, choose an option by clicking the corresponding link below.

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Comparison of TC-1600 and TC-1650 65.81 KB
Core Splitter Flyers 554.34 KB
Goodstrong Dual Rotary Sheeter 2.82 MB
JM Equipment Core Splitter Flyer 776.73 KB
JM Equipment Martin Catalogue 2.82 MB
JM Equipment Multi-Bar Decurl 355.54 KB
JM Equipment Linear Dancer 410.08 KB
JM Equipment Reconditioned Martin Roll Stand 874.24 KB
RollRite Rollstand 649.96 KB