About JM Equipment’s Paper Cutters

When you buy from JM Equipment, you get the best in paper cutter technology. Our Knowledgeable, local support team can answer questions and provide prompt technical support for whatever you need. Our service technicians provide professional and meaningful help over the phone or on-site when needed. We keep all equipment on-hand to keep a prompt availability of key parts and components.

Our 4-Point formula for success:

  1. Provide cost efficient converting solutions to North America customers through a worldwide network of quality machinery manufacturers
  2. Maintain a team of field service technicians to provide prompt service and support anywhere in North America
  3. Inventory machine parts to maintain optimum response time and reduce downtime
  4. Provide solutions that best fit the customer’s production and budget parameters — whether as new equipment, rebuilt machinery, or through refurbishing services


Sheeting Solutions

  • High-speed, precision dual rotary sheeters
  • Heavy-duty pneumatic slitters
  • Dual position shaftless unwind
  • Continuous skid delivery
  • Auto-web splicer option


Trimming Solutions

  • Computerized guillotine paper cutters
  • Robust double pull-arm design
  • High-speed, accurate consistent and durable
  • Models for all applications
  • Mobile stock lifter option
  • Paper jogger machines


Refurbished Equipment Solutions

  • Refurbished equipment sales and refurbishing services
  • Refurbishing solutions for: Sheeters, Splicers, Backstands, Stackers, Other converting equipment


Used & Refurbished Machinery Solutions

Our inventory of used and refurbished converting machinery varies day to day. JME also refurbishes used sheeters and rollstands to like-new condition. This unique service enhances the performance of older equipment while extending the life of your original investment. To review the most current list, check our used equipment page, call us at 269-659-0093, or send a message on our contact page.