Rebuild Your Roll Handling Equipment

Whether it’s roll handling equipment, our core splitter machine, or any other converting equipment, JM Equipment has the knowledge and experience to help you fix and rebuild them. We start by disassembling your machinery so that we can get a better look at what inside needs to be fixed or replaced. Then, any motors, pumps, valves, etc. are taken out and replaced with fresh ones to get your machine back in working order. Every part of the machine is looked over, and with the professionals at JM Equipment, you can trust the rebuild will work good as new.

After repairs have been made to your converting equipment, we also blast the equipment with plastic media and the machine can then be painted to the color of your choice. So, if you have a particular color you’re drawn towards, or want to match your business’s branding, we can make your machine match it. If you need our rebuild services done to any of your machines, reach out to us and we will gladly work toward bringing your converting equipment back to life.