Roll Handling Equipment Enhances Roller Machines

If your rollers struggle with performance and need that extra boost of efficiency, then roll handling equipment additions can be the solution for you. The JM Equipment Linear Dancer machine is the add-on equipment that can help bring your rollers to the next level. With the ability to fit onto any of your machines, the Linear Dancer can be a customized solution to your problems. Whenever your machines are giving you trouble with performance due to rolls being unsteady, the JM Linear Dancer brings the stability needed to maintain efficiency.

Benefits and Features:

  • Absorbs the shock of “out of round” rolls for better machine performance and sheet length control at the cutter
  • Saves scrap due to short sheets
  • Custom designed to mount on your machine
  • 6″ Aluminum Dead Shaft Rollers Dynamically balanced to 1500 FPM speed
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Installation