The Dependable Core Splitter Machine

When you shop with JM Equipment, you know that you’ll get the best core splitter machine around. JM Equipment’s machinery is made with the best materials, meaning your equipment will last you for years to come. By lowering the amount of space spent cores use and the low requirements to operate it, the JME Core Splitter will help lower costs and save space for your business. The vertical setup of our core splitter allows for you to fit it virtually anywhere, making it a simple, but efficient addition to your machinery. When your cores have finally reached the end of their lifespan, you can depend on the JME core splitter to assist in your disposal every time.


  • Significantly reduce the space required to store spent cores
  • Reduce the cost of storage for dumpster space
  • Reduce the cost of disposal by shipping a more condensed load.
  • More user friendly to recycling centers


  • Vertical standalone Core Splitter design takes up minimal space
  • Virtually no noise or dust
  • Cuts cores into 4 equal sections for easy stacking
  • Simple to install and runs 220v single phase power
  • Low maintenance with heavy duty hydraulic cylinder design
  • Safe to operate with complete enclosed guard/cage and a safety lock-out
  • Quick cycle time
  • Affordable
  • Pneumatic unit also available