Maintenance Your Mill Rollstand

If you are in the business of converting equipment, then you can trust JM Equipment to have the parts you need to maintenance your mill rollstand. With brake parts, hydraulic filters, alignment blocks, and more, your roll handling equipment can be kept in peak condition. The team of professionals at JM Equipment can have your mill rollstand inspected, serviced, and maintenance at your convenience. No matter what issues arise, you can count on our team to find the best solution and replacement parts for you.

To see our list of rollstand parts offered, see the list below. If you require any of our services or are interested in ordering parts, contact us at, or give us a call at 269-659-0093.

2-Inch and 3-Inch Chuck Arbor Shaft Bearings

3-Way Directional Control Valve

Brass Alignment Block

Brass Straight Liquid-Level Gauge

Chuck Arbor Shaft with 4-Hole Pattern

Chuck Arbor Shaft with 6-Hole Pattern

Disc Brake Pads for All Major Brands: Tidland, Wichita, Serco, Horton, OEM

Dual Caliper Brake Guard with Mounting Hardware

Hydraulic Filter

Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic Pump

Leadscrew Bearing

Leadscrew Clamping Nut on Moveable End with Nylon Threads to Prevent Damage to Leadscrew

Lift Arm Up Limit Valve

Lift Cylinder Complete – Exchange Program

Main Tube Bushing

Main Tube Ring

Martin Drive Axle

Reversible Ratchet Wrench

Seal Kit, Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Repair Parts

Single Caliper Brake Guard with Mounting Hardware

Tapered Bushing

Tidland 85 Series Brake Caliper Complete

Tidland 85 Series Brake Rotor

Tidland 85 Series Dual Caliper Mounting Plate

Tidland 85 Series Single Caliper Mounting Plate