Parts for your Goodstrong Sheeters

Goodstrong sheeters are some of the best in the business, but even they will need replacement parts over time. Here at JM Equipment, we offer parts of all kinds for your sheeting equipment, so you can keep operations at their best. From sensors to belts, your Goodstrong sheeters won’t ever be out of operation for too long. Our experienced team of technicians can help you to figure out which parts you need replaced, show you the best replacement parts available, and assist you in switching them out to get your production back on track.

To see the list of parts that we offer, check the list below. If you need our help with order parts or services, reach out at, or call us at 269-659-0093.

Goodstrong Parts

Bottom Slitter Anvil

Brake Pads

Circulator Lube Pump


Conveyor Top Belt

Counter Sensor

Dancer Sensor

Decurl Encoder

Decurl Gearbox

Decurl Motor

Edge Guide Air Filter

Edge Guide Sending Nozzle Hose

Edge Guide Sending Nozzle

EP Transducer

Feeder Roller Encoder

Jam Sensor

Knife Controller

Knife Encoder

Light Pressure Ring

Limit Switch

Lube Sensor

Oil Filter for Circulator Lube Pump

Pile Level Sensor

Power Inverter

Primary Conveyor Belt

RE Brake Fan

Roll Diameter Sensor

Rollstand Oil Filter

Rubber Ring Roller

Rubber Ring Roller

Safety Module (E Stop)

Secondary Conveyor Belt

Speed Readout Board

Timing Belt Set

Timing Belt Set

Top Slitter Blade