Use a Trusted Paper Cutter this Holiday Season

As we get closer to the holiday season, the demand for cards, wrapping, and packing paper means that you need a trustworthy paper cutter for your business. A busy time for almost all businesses, the holiday season is one not to be taken lightly, and with the paper cutters offered by JM Equipment, you know that your workflow won’t be interrupted by any problems due to your machinery.

Accurate cuts

Whenever you use the guillotine cutters from JM Equipment, you know that your paper will have a precise and accurate cut with every sheet. A high-powered electromagnetic clutch gives the operators in your business precise braking, so they can always make the most accurate and safe cuts. With the computerized system our guillotine cutters have installed, they can make calculated, precision cuts for all your projects.

Features make the cutter

When looking for a quality, industrial paper cutter, you know that the Datien cutters from JM Equipment have all the components you need to do an efficient and safe job. The double knife drive arms of our paper cutter keep the cutter efficient, accurate, consistent, and durable. A clamp pressure adjustment wheel lets your operators maintain pressure regulation and watch pressure levels, so you never have to worry about workers’ safety.

Workspace you need

With the options to attach big air tables, a fork lifter, or platform lifter on either side of the Datien paper cutter, you can give your workers the space to load paper and move cuts where they need to. The designs available from JM Equipment are meant to make your work spaces as efficient and safe as possible, and the workspace attachments available to add on will only make them work better this holiday season.

With a knowledgeable and friendly support team, JM Equipment can answer any questions and help with whatever industrial paper cutting service or product you need. From our machine accessories to new equipment, you know that our stock will provide quality every time.