Stay Safe When Using Industrial Paper Cutters

When working in any industrial setting, you typically use heavy equipment that can pose some risk, and the industrial paper cutters from JM Equipment are no exception. By learning how every piece of equipment we have functions, you and your workers can increase productivity and quality while not sacrificing on safety costs.

General hazards

Any heavy-duty equipment like industrial paper cutters poses some risk when using it. Some simple equipment practices to avoid hazards are:

  • Never use an industrial paper cutter you haven’t been trained on
  • Follow your business’s protocols when using the machinery
  • Keep the work area clean from any hazards (ex. Paper pulp)
  • Routinely check paper cutters for any signs of wear and tear
  • Pay attention while using equipment until the job is done and machinery is turned off

Machine risks

Depending on the type of converting equipment you’re using, there are specific risks posed that you can avoid. It seems like a simple task, but making sure to avoid pinch points on rollers, saws or blades on guillotine cutters, or any other danger point of a machine is essential to working with paper converting equipment. The bottom line is, know the equipment, know the risks involved, and practice safe work habits to avoid any problems.

Always on hand

When you purchase industrial paper cutters from JM Equipment, you’ll get the resource you need to ensure safety is done right. Should any questions arise regarding any of our industrial paper cutters, rollers, attachments, and more, we are always ready to help. With professional consulting offered for your machinery solutions, we can recommend different steps to ensuring a safe operation.

With sheeting solutions, trimming solutions, refurbishing, and new and used machinery offered, JM Equipment is the best place for all your paper converting equipment answers. Contact us today to see how we can better your business!