Start the New Year Right with Proper Converting Equipment

As we start a new year and plan out how we want the year of our businesses to ideally go, you can give yourself a head-start by ensuring that your company is working with the proper converting equipment. JM Equipment is the premier provider of converting machinery solutions, and, with the equipment and service that we deliver to you, you can start the new year swinging.

Get to sheeting

JM Equipment provides sheeting solutions with a variety of products and services that can best benefit your business. Our selection of high-speed, precision dual rotary sheeters can boost your sheet production, are easy to control, and can make a great addition to any sheeter production line.

Accurate trimming

JM Equipment also has trimming solutions for the smaller, more accurate cuts that you need with converting equipment. Whether it’s a guillotine cutter precisely chopping stacks of paper or a paper jogger aligning stacks, you can depend on each machine that we provide. Rather than chance the potential of human error, some of our trimming solutions are computerized, guaranteeing the cut is consistent and accurate every time.

Solutions for everyone

If you can’t get new equipment, but are still looking to improve production, JM Equipment has the answers for you. We keep an inventory of used and refurbished converting machinery that is always getting new things in and out of stock. If you keep an eye on our list of equipment, it’s always a possibility that we’ll have what you’re looking for and at an affordable rate! The equipment is dependable and receives quality services before being resold by us, so you know you can trust it to serve your needs.

JM Equipment is the knowledgeable, quality provider of converting equipment you’ve been looking for. With our worldwide network of machinery manufacturers, you’re sure to find the perfect solutions for your business.