Save When Returning to Production with a Paper Splicing Machine

Once everyone is able to go back to work, business owners will more than likely be looking for ways to save after putting business on hold for so long, and paper conversion companies can save when they invest in an automatic paper splicing machine from JM Equipment. Offering some of the best conversion equipment on the market, our splicing machines are sure to help your production get back on its feet in a cost-effective way.

Efficiency in production

As a paper conversion company, your business likely looks for as many ways as possible to reduce waste and maximize efficiency for your production. With the automatic paper splicing machines offered by JM Equipment, you can reduce paper waste created when splicing by a noticeable amount. The paper waste per slice from out slicing machines is less than 10cm compared to the average of 10 meters when using manual splicing. Calculated and programmed splicing means accurate production that saves you excess waste, increasing profits for your business.

No human error

When working in manufacturing industries, accuracy can matter, and the automatic paper splicing machines from JM Equipment will provide you with the accurate, efficient cuts you can count on. Reducing the necessity of operator reliance as well as capable of producing programmable cuts to your paper rolls, you can both make the process easier as well as more accurate by removing human error from the equation. By simply arming the splicer with a new roll and pressing a button to activate the splicer, the machine will do the rest for the operator, giving you the perfect splice every time.

Providing quality cost-efficient solutions to paper converting companies in North America, the team at JM Equipment helps your business increase productivity while lowering costs. To see what automatic paper splicing machines we have available for you, contact us today!