Save Space and Cut Costs with a Core Splitter Machine

After a roll has been sectioned and cut, you need an easy way to deal with the leftover core, and, with JME’s core splitter machine, you can dispose of cores with little trouble. As part of the JME machine line, you know that our core splitter machine will serve you the way you need, as it comes from an experienced company with years of experience in the paper cutting industry.

A simple approach

The JME core splitter gives your business a very simple way to deal with any unwanted, spent cores. By cutting spent cores into four equal sections, you can easily stack them on top of each other to save space. The surrounding cage of the core splitter gives it a design that makes operation safe, and even features a safety lock-out as extra precaution. With virtually no noise or dust created by splitting cores, the JME design guarantees you won’t be disappointed.

Save on waste

Because of its capability to split cores into more easily-manageable parts, the JME core splitter helps to reduce the cost of storage of split cores for dumpster space, as well as reduces the cost of disposal by shipping a more condensed load. We know that businesses like to save money if possible, and we can help you achieve that goal every time you use our core splitter machine.

Low entry cost

On top of the low cost to operate and the cost saving capabilities of the JME core splitter, it is also an affordable core splitter machine. Thanks to the simple, but effective design, we at JME can sell every core splitter machine at an affordable cost for every business. With low maintenance needed on our machine, you continuously save from initial purchase and on.

With a focus on providing cost efficient converting solutions to all our clients, JME provides all the machinery and services that you need. Our local support team can answer any questions about what we offer and provide you the best technical support around.