Remove Waste from Your Production with an Efficient Automatic Splicing Machine

When working with paper converting equipment, you want to make sure that you can cut as much waste from production as possible, and JM Equipment’s efficient automatic splicing machine can give you the unmatched operation you’re looking for. Easy to install and operate, your paper converting operation can be improved with additional equipment from JM Equipment to ensure that you use less waste while maintaining productivity to meet deadlines.

Automatic vs. manual

So, how is it that our equipment saves on waste so much? Part of the reason is, with an efficient automatic splicing machine, precision can be kept consistent, compared to manual cuts which may vary for every cut. The paper waste per splice is less than 10 centimeters, compared to at least 10 meters when using manual splicing. So, you not only waste more paper, but you can potentially waste more glue as well, raising the cost of your entire production.

Trusted machinery

Although automatic splicing may add convenience to your operation, you may be wondering if it can truly make it better. With a proven splice reliability of over 99 percent, we at JM Equipment are here to tell you that our efficient automatic splicing machine certainly can. Thanks to a reliable cut from the GMC high speed automatic splicer we provide, you can suffer from fewer paper breakages, leading to increased productivity and reduced paper waste due to corrugator stops.

Smooth operation

Like most of JM Equipment’s paper converting solutions, the automatic splicing machine offers productivity with easy operation. Only requiring an operator to prepare the splicer with a new roll and start the initial process of the machine with the push of a button, you can depend on anyone to operate the splicer and trust they get the job done.

Always looking for ways to improve the paper cutting business, JM Equipment has the solutions you need for your operation. See how our equipment can improve your workflow today!