Keep Business Operations Green with the JM Core Splitter Machine

Often, business can be competitive, so, if you’re in the paper cutting business, the JM Core Splitter machine from JM Equipment can give you the edge you need on competition by helping your business stay green. Operations are frequently similar from one place to another, so having a great way to reduce waste and even recycle it in an efficient way can be a great boon and seen as a positive by your clients.

Condense materials

When your paper rolls have a thick, cardboard interior core roll that holds them together, the JM Core Splitter machine can make quick work of them by splicing them in half to make them easier to manage. Rather than just throwing the cores away, your business can take advantage of this Core Splitter to reduce the amount of space necessary for your finished cores before taking them to the proper facilities or containers to be taken to a recycling center. And, because they are smaller and easier to manage, you even make it more user-friendly for recycling centers, making the process better for everyone involved!

Part of routine

Because of the ease of operation that the JM Core Splitter machine offers, you can easily make it part of your green operations. Only requiring a single person to operate, the Core Splitter has simple functionality and built-in protection in the design to help ensure that cores are split easily without any risk to the operator or others in the area. The Core Splitter is also designed to take up minimal space for most operation spaces, so you can more easily fit it into your floor space without having to move too many things around.

Providing cost efficient solutions that can help your business push for greener operations, JM Equipment is here to help any in the paper converting business. Learn more about our Core Splitter and what it can do for you by contacting us!