Fuel the Paper Conversion Process with a Mill Rollstand

When working in the paper conversion process, you want to be sure that your business is running as smoothly as it can by utilizing a mill rollstand from JM Equipment. Paper rolls are not something to take lightly, both literally and metaphorically. Weighing a significant amount in any size and requiring precision of machinery to benefit operations, paper rolls can be more easily added into an operation using a mill rollstand.

The size you need

Depending on the sheeter or other paper conversion machine your operation uses, you may require different sizes of rolls out of your mill rollstand. The RollRite™ from JM Equipment has 4”, 3-6”, 10-12”, optional 16”, and custom chucks available for your machines. This versatility means the mill rollstand from JM Equipment can find a home with almost any roll handling equipment that needs paper to be directly fed into it. With a simple-to-use design and controls, operators more easily can fit these different sizes of paper onto the rollstand and get them ready for use in your operation.

Efficient operations

With a speed of 1600+ ft/min and trolleys that can either be manual or powered, you can get the fast, efficient roll handling equipment you need when you invest in a mill rollstand from JM Equipment. We have worked in the business of providing paper conversion machines for long enough to know what machines will give your operation the best efficiency, so we offer only the best to help you meet your production goals with ease. Simply fit our mill rollstand behind your slitter, sheeter, die cutter, and more, and you have the perfect way to feed paper into your operation that guarantees a better workflow for your machinery.

By providing cost efficient converting solutions to operations of all kinds, JM Equipment will make yours better from start to finish. Begin operations right by ordering a mill rollstand from us today!