Feed Sheeters with the Proper Roll Handling Equipment

When dealing with large and heavy industrial rolls of paper, you need the proper roll handling equipment to get the most out of your sheeting system, and JM Equipment has the product you need. The RollRite™ rollstand that JM Equipment offers gives your process everything it needs to more easily function and takes away the hassle of cumbersome paper rolls. If you’re in the business of industrial paper handling, JM Equipment has what you need.

Options make the equipment

Our RollRite™ rollstand comes with a variety of choices for you depending on what your paper handling materials require. Depending on the size roll that your equipment uses, we can change the diameter of your RollRite™ rollstand anywhere from 12” to 83”. Core sizes can vary anywhere from 4”-16”, and custom chucks are even available for you to choose from. Whatever you need with your equipment, JM Equipment works with you to make sure that it functions best with your system.

Attach to almost anything

When you buy roll handling equipment from JM Equipment, we want to make sure that it can fit into your current setup as easily as possible. With the RollRite™ rollstand that JME offers, you can fit a quality piece of paper roll handling equipment behind slitters/rewinds, sheeters, bag machines, die cutters, forming presses, and more. Designed to give you the best experience with your current or new equipment, the RollRite™ rollstand can work for you.

Make training easy

With simple controls, the RollRite™ rollstand can be learned and used in a short amount of time, keeping your business productive as possible. Trolleys for the RollRite™ rollstand are available in manual or powered systems, so you can make your system as easy as possible for employees. By minimizing the number of steps for equipment and simplifying necessary ones, your process can be made easier, and in turn, your training as well.

With a focus on giving every client the best machine parts and service for their equipment, JM Equipment is the best in the business of paper cutter technology. If you need new or used machinery solutions or maintenance on your equipment, JM Equipment is here for you.