End Production Right with a Paper Roll Core Splitter Machine

At the end of a day of cutting paper rolls, you may find the core of each roll a nuisance to take care of without a proper core splitter machine. Difficult to stack without them falling everywhere and generally taking up too much space, the problems of paper roll cores can be reduced with JM Equipment’s core splitter machine, the JME Core Splitter.

Safe for workers

After your team has finished using a paper roll and ready to dispose of the roll’s core, the JME Core Splitter can help safely cut the core to make it more manageable for your business. Completely enclosed in a protective cage with safety lock-out, the JME Core Splitter can be operated by anyone without fear. And, with very little noise or dust created, the operator doesn’t have to worry about excess safety equipment just for operation of this one piece of machinery!

All operations

No matter the paper rolls your business works with, the JME Core Splitter machine does the job. Head attachments are available to split paper roll cores of different diameters, so no matter the roll, your business can benefit from the roll splitting capabilities offered by JM Equipment. Each one cuts cores into four equal sections, so you get the smallest, easily stackable section with each roll size.

Save more

Between the affordable cost of the JM Core Splitter and the reduced cost of disposal by shipping thanks to more condensed loads, the core splitter from JM Equipment saves your business money in the long run. Built to perform a simple, but convenient task easily, you won’t be disappointed with the results provided by the core splitter, and your business’s finances will thank you for it.

JM Equipment provides the sheeting solutions, trimming solutions, refurbishing, and more for those in the paper cutting industry. With our knowledge of the paper cutting process, see how our JME Core Splitter can improve the back end of your production by contacting us today!