Complete Your Operation with Effective Roll Handling Equipment

With a variety of equipment available to ensure that your paper conversion operation is functioning at maximum capacity, JM Equipment offers some of the best roll handling equipment to help your operation along. From start to finish, JM Equipment can improve your operation with different tools of the trade that are each designed with a special purpose that works to make that specific area of your operation flow more smoothly.

Flatten rolls

When working in operations that use sheeting machines, the paper that you are working with needs to be flattened efficiently to be fed into your machines to be cut well. The JME Decurler is a multi-bar decurler that can flatten paper rolls at any width and speed you need. With the ability to decurl any paper rolls also wound clay in or clay out without any change to the unit, you can decurl paper rolls of almost any variety, making your operation faster and easier to manage. And, because the JME Decurler can be set two units side by side for multi-web capabilities, your roll handling equipment can be set up in the most efficient way possible for your operation.

Steady operation

Whenever your machine has problems with its rolls become unbalanced while operating, you can fix the problem with a JME Linear Dancer. Designed to bring stability to rolls during operation, the Linear Dancer can maintain efficiency of your operation. Human error can occur, leading to “our of round” rolls, and the Linear Dancer is your best choice of roll handling equipment to ensure they don’t disturb your production line.

Providing the best sheeting solutions, trimming solutions, and more, the roll handling equipment from JM Equipment give you the tools you need for a successful paper conversion operation. Contact JM Equipment today to learn more about our products and what they can do for you!