A Paper Core Splitter Machine Cleans Up Post-Holiday Cores

The holidays are often a time that includes increased production for paper materials, and you can clean up the leftovers from rolls with JM Equipment’s paper core splitter machine. From marketing materials to increased production for product sales, cores from paper conversion machinery operations are sure to pile up more during the holidays. With the core splitter machine from JM Equipment, you can efficiently handle cores each year when the holidays come around.

Save space for more work

When you invest in the JME Core Splitter machine, you can help yourself save space when production is increased. Spent cores can sometimes clutter up an operation area, and may be difficult to manage if they are temporarily stored while put away in their cylindrical shape. The core splitter cuts them into four equal sections that allows for easy stacking. By utilizing the effective paper core splitter machine that JM Equipment has to offer, you can reduce the amount of space necessary to store spent cores, leading you to accommodate the increase in production that your business is dealing with, while also helping you dispose of them more easily for recycling centers.

The perfect paper core splitter machine

The core splitter machine from JM Equipment provides a dependable way for you to improve your operations for the long term. And, it does this all without giving you grief on initial installment into your operation. With easy installation and a low maintenance design that creates virtually no noise or dust, the JME Core Splitter is the obvious choice for any paper production that wants to save space by effectively removing the difficulty of the leftover cores from paper conversion.

Providing ways for converting solutions across North America to cut costs and improve operations, JM Equipment has everything your production needs to step up its game. Contact us today to learn more about our core splitter machine and other offers!