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Corrugated/Sheeter Cut-Off Knife Replacement Blades

JM Equipment provides comprehensive product support, including machine accessories, machine parts, installation and start-up, as well as technical support. In some cases, we can also provide parts and support for converting machinery not listed on our site. If you need parts or service for your particular machine, email or call us at 269-659-0093.

Marquip Corrugated Cut Off Knife Replacement Blades

• Unique design of the power metal inlayed blades provide a more constant hardness and provide longer blade life

• Powder metal is CPM 10V equivalent

• Manufacturing of the blades are more cost effective because only the inlay is powder metal

• Blades are more wear resistant because a small piece of material is used in the sintering process providing better consistency

• Blades do not have to be tuned as tight, as blades remain sharper longer

• Available in both Super Sharp Tip and Serrated blade

• Blades are available in 60", 72", 87", 98", and 110" widths