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Martin Rollstand Parts

JM Equipment provides comprehensive product support, including machine accessories, machine parts, installation and start-up, as well as technical support. In some cases, we can also provide parts and support for converting machinery not listed on our site. If you need parts or service for your particular machine, email or call us at 269-659-0093.

The chart below contains the most common parts needed for Martin rollstands. Photos and details for many of these parts are located below the chart. To place an order, email or call us at 269-659-0093.

Martin Part
Item Description
101 - Mechanical Component - Other
A1525 Lift Arm Key Standard (1")
B001464-I Clamp Screw Nut Insert
B1464 Clamping Nut Complete- JME Type (lead screw nut)
B959-01 Drive Wheel, Splined
B1461 Main Tube-Bushing (Machined)
B1462 Main Tube-Ring (Machined)
B1471 Leadscrew-New-87"stand-125 3/4" length
B1471 Leadscrew-Used
B1475 Main Tube (Shaft)-New-87"stand-140 1/2" length
B1475 Main Tube (Shaft)-Used-87"stand-141" length
B959-02 Movable Arm Wheel Idler Wheel
C1463 Leadscrew Motor Mounting Bracket
H15205 Lovejoy Coupling Complete H15-205-00
JM1004 Chuck Arbors Shaft, 4 Hole Pattern
JM1005 Chuck Arbor Shaft, Multi
JM1006 Chuck Arbors Shaft, 6 Hole Pattern; Corrugated
P12069 Ratchet Screw Rod Bearing, Manufacturer: INA (#D1)
P12082 Chuck Shaft Bearing, 2"
P12083 Chuck Shaft Bearing, 3"
P12108 Leadscrew Bearing
P12418 Reversible Ratchet Wrench
P12421 Brass Alignment Block
P12366 Snap Ring for Wheels
P6141-00 Needle Bearing for Lifting Cylinder Bracket (Trunion Bearing)
Q1x1 3/4 Split Taper Bushing Item# Q1x1 3/4 Martin Rollstand Drive Sprocket
102 - Hydraulic Component - Other
DASW-002 Seal Kit, Hydraulic Repair Parts(Lift Cylinder Rebuild Kit)
566015/876700 Screw Relief Valve
A1460 Lift Cylinder Complete
B4250 Lift Arm Up Limit Valve
DASW-IN08-6 4 1/2" MARTIN Rollstand Lift Cyl. Rebuild Kit
H-015078-00 Cap and Oil Filter for Martin Rollstand
H15089-16 Hydraulic Pump
H15092 Hydraulic Motor
H15093-04 Hydraulic Flow Valve
H15100 Velocity Fuse
H15113 3 Way Spool Valve for Martin Rollstand
H15117 Brass Straight Liquid-Level Guage 3/8" NPTF Dryseal Male, 6" overall
H15210 3 HP Moror for Martin Rollstand Hydraulics
H3706-10M192 Hydraulic Filters
P12369 Lift Cylinder Retaining Ring/Snap Ring
103 - Brake Parts
T-00940 Tapered Bushings SF2"
T-127361 Diaphragm Only
T-127365 Rotor: Cast
T-127647 Tidland #127647 Brake Caliper Complete
T-128063 Diaphragm Repair Kit
T-130389 Brake Guard: Single Complete Kit (cage, hardware, etc.)
T-130390 Brake Guards: Single Caliper Cage Only
T-131038 Brake Guards: Dual
T-4-250 Tidland 85 Series Kevlar Brake Pad
T-5595-457 Tidland Friction (Brake) Pad 85 Series
B-000940-02 Clam Shell Brake Pads (Martin# OEM)
BR303 Serco Brake Pads-Kevlar
Martin OEM Clamshell Brake Unit-Used

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